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A&R Nights presents: A Rocket to the Moon, Looking Glass Wars, White Hills - FREE!

A Rocket to the Moon
My name is Nick Santino. I live in Braintree Massachusetts. I started A Rocket To The Moon in the summer of 2006. At first it was an experiment, until the feedback i got was amazing so i continued to do it. I have a full length 12 song cd called "Your Best Idea" and I just finished a 6 song Summer '07 EP.

White Hills
With just the right blend of psychedelia and hypnotic grooves, WHITE HILLS weaves in and out of anthemic chants, deep space bleeps and other worldly madness for a mix that proves to be intoxicating. Since the release of the band’s debut CD, listeners have been praising their originality and unique brand of heavy space rock.

Official Website: http://knittingfactory.com/show.php?event_id=110545

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