No 72, Lodhi Estate
Delhi, Delhi

Pierrots Troupe presents A Private Affair - Play. Director - Sayeed Alam. The play revolves around a missing skirt, empty liquor bottles, a bewildered Army Captain and a confused Psychiatrist, all in a five-star hotel suite. Highly acclaimed situational-cum-verbal comedy. More than 80 shows to its credit. Geeta Thadani, a psychiatrist, arrives in Delhi with her secretary (read 'psychiatry') Anil to deliver a lecture on split personality. Next day, she forgets to move out and stays on in the bedroom of a suite of a five-star hotel. Anil, who was stitching her torn skirt in the drawing room, goes into the bedroom with Geeta. Soon after one Captain Mehta arrives. When he enters the room he sees the skirt and calls the reception to get it picked up. He moves to the second bedroom to freshen up. Meanwhile, Anil enters and takes the skirt with him to the first bedroom. When the waiter arrives he does not obviously find the skirt. He dismisses the entire episode as just a hallucination the Captain might have had.

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