197 East 17th Avenue (@ Main Street)
Vancouver, British Columbia V5V 1

Blim presents:

A Pretty Murder

New art and sound installation by Devon Haag, Kent Lins, Trevor Jacobson, and Sara Gold

Opening: 8 PM, Saturday January 2 | Runs January 6 – 27
Music by Nathan Jones and Daniel Giantomaso

One evening, I heard a noise from above. A call, like sandpaper on silk, roughened by time and use, compelling me to look up. Shiny black feathers, a bullet of coal, swooping with determination to beat the setting sun. And then another, and another, and another. The sky suddenly filled with creatures of beauty, soaring, plummeting, talking together like excited children. I reveled in their freedom and mystery. I ached to fly with them. Instead, I walked on, eyes fixed skyward, following the inky blackness moving east. An epiphany of crows. A pretty murder.

Art Installation by:
Devon Haag — Age 36. Neophyte artist, science geek, bird-hugger; odd looking in a striking way; seeking like-minded crow lovers. Likes long walks on the beach, Sunday brunches, new shoes and fat cats.

Kent Lins — Age 42. Artist, blogger, photographer; rugged good looks; single, seeking soul mate. Likes herbal tea, buying roses, and giving massages.

Sound Installation by Lost and Found:
Trevor Jacobson — Age 29. Sound artist, pop culture know-it-all; the crème de la crème; in a relationship, desperately seeking friends. Likes exotic locals, lapdances, and GoHoBa.

Sara Gold — Age 23. Sound artist, bee keeper; soft and gentle; swinger, just seeking. Likes pretty things and good drugs.

Official Website: http://blim.ca/#jan12

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