66 Fordham Road
Soham, Ely, England CB7 5AH

A Night of Tribal Unity -- 11 Aug 07 / 5:00 p.m.

Come and experience in the beauty, strength, and art of the various tribal belly dance styles combined with unique and traditional middle-eastern rhythms performed by the Gymni drummers with confirmed performances by troupes such as Khalgani, Eceni, Nyoka Tribal, NeoHips and solo performances by Dawn O’ Brien, Kimberly Mackoy of Atalanta and Jesse of Atalanta. Guest performances by Zamora with hula and Tahitian dance.

So, come out and enjoy the entertainment with the whole family in a fun and festive atmosphere of a “backyard BBQ” located in the beautiful beer garden of:

The Cherry Tree Pub
66 Fordham Road
Soham, Ely,

Saturday August 11, 2007
BBQ starting at 5:00pm
(Pub will be open at noon for early lunch.)

Performances/drumming starting shortly after.

Polstar* Photography will be on site snapping professional quality pictures!

Official Website: http://www.neohips.com/events.html

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I'll be there (Polstarphotography) with my camera! Can't wait!

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