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Over 3,500 years ago the Hindu poet-sage Valmiki sang the first Ramayana in Sanskrit, and this Wednesday at Freddy's
you will experience what film critic Nathan Lee calls a "surrealist Indonesian pomo-folkloric/funkadelic musical–slash–avant-garde pop-and-lock revolutionary romance–slash–Hindu song-and-dance-installation art extravaganza" version of India's greatest and most cherished epics.

Please join us for a screening of Opera Jawa (Garin Nugroho, 2006, 2 awards), a visual folk carnival ride that is filled with nightmarish puppeteering, deranged solos next to animal carcasses, frenetic Gamelan music, and lurid come-ons such as "my sperm sparkles in the heavens."

To kick off Opera Jawa (the only musical I can think of that starts with a song about pig livers), will be a screening of Bye Bye Burger (Mike Sobo, 2006), a glistening red cinematic sirloin steak set in a 1950s butcher shop. Nominated for a Junior Oscar, the film follows the predicament of Alphonse, a graceless young butcher boy who falls in love with a vegetarian.

Bye Bye Burger is the first in KCCS' series of Emerging Directors, if you would like to submit a film or desire more information, please contact [email protected].

Official Website: http://www.kingscountycinemasociety.org

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