444 Jessie St.
San Francisco, California

Cost: $5.

Join us at Mezzanine for an evening of short films, readings, and foofaraw. First, vital and hygienic presentations, often with accompanying slideshows, from a few of McSweeney’s best — Evany Thomas, Salvador Plascencia, Gary Rudoren, Eric Hoffman, and Wells Tower. Hearts will break and then heal themselves, stronger than ever.

Then nestle deeper in your inflatable armchairs for some of Wholphin’s best short films of the musical persuasion. Selections include, but are not limited to: "Squid: Born Like Stars," in which a scientist has six hours to try and prove his theory that squid are good mothers, with sounds by Colleen; "Nice Day," the cheapest and perhaps funniest music video ever made; "Patton/Byrne" - Patton Oswalt stares, David Byrne sings; and a crying competition: Nine contestants. Whistle blows. First tear to hit the table wins.

Official Website: http://www.noisepop.com/2007/film.php#filmfestsched

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