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“Indifference is the very essence of inhumanity.”
-G.B. Shaw

Fall in love with an idea whose time has come...

Our nation’s problems – nearly all of them – rest on a
single objective truth: We have lost our way. We have
forgotten that our Nation was founded on the idea that
while we are all individuals, we are all in this together, that we rise or fall together, that community is strength.

Our current economic system, despite its contemporary turbulence, has provided so much wealth and prosperity, technological advancement and insights to knowledge that the United States remains the only superpower on Earth.

And, yet, at the same time, it has motivated social injustice, economic injustice, environmental injustice, white collar crimes such as fraud and massive corporate scandals. It has created a
government largely out of control and a pawn of corporate and wealthy interests. It has driven healthcare nearly out of reach of millions of Americans and those costs threaten our nation’s competitiveness.

Meanwhile, we still have people who go hungry, who can’t read, who are poor, who are sick. We have prisons filled to the brim. The mentally ill walk our streets. And the gap between rich and poor has gotten wider in the last 20 years than it’s been since the
1920s, according to Nobel Laureate, economist and author Paul Krugman.

We can do it differently.

You are invited to fall in love with an idea. An idea whose time has come, an idea that may offer a kind of hope the likes of which we haven’t seen before. It is a proposal for a new economy, a humanistic one, an economy that motivates the best in people rather than leaving it up to chance. Maybe you will walk away
awed. Maybe you will walk away with questions. You may walk away inspired, angry, confused, ready to take action….You will not walk away indifferent.

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