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Susan Lerner, Executive Director, California Clean Money Campaign
Tony Quinn, Former Commissioner, California Fair Political Practices Commission

Robert M. Stern, President, Center of Governmental Studies

The record-breaking sums of political contributions made to State Legislators in the final days of the 2005-2006 legislative session (more than $3.5 million in August alone) once again raised serious questions of legislative independence in an environment awash in special interest money, just two months before statewide elections that are largely financed by these same special interests. This is just the latest example of how our current campaign finance system may be corrupting the legislative process and hence the quality of public policy in the state. But is there an alternative?

Supporters of Proposition 89 say there is. They seek to reduce barriers to running for political office and restrict the potential of special interests to influence elected officials through public financing and contribution limits. Opponents claim that the tax on corporations to pay for Prop 89 is partisan and that the measure’s provisions will actually restrict participation.

Experts representing both sides of Proposition 89, which proposes to institute a voluntary public financing system for Legislative, Board of Equalization, and statewide constitutional offices, and further restrict political campaign contribution limits, will explain their positions in detail, and provide insights that won’t be available in the ballot pamphlet. Prop 89 is one of 13 ballot measures on which Californians will be asked to vote this November 7th.

Program FREE for members and non-members (Complimentary Box Lunch with Reservation)

Official Website: http://www.voicesofreform.org/progdetails.php#Prop89

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