701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, California CA

This event has been cancelled for the 1/14 date; it will be rescheduled for late February or early March.

Note: Event available for Yahoo! employees only. Takes place in Classroom 4, Building C, Sunnyvale campus.

In July 2007, we released the YUI Rich Text Editor, a client-side RTE component with strong support for the full range of A-Grade browsers. Since that release, we've been hard at work making it even better (faster, lighter, easier-to-use). With the current 2.4.1 version, YUI's RTE provides you a range of options from very lightweight to very full-featured. And, as always, the RTE is intrinsically extensible. It's Toolbar can be configured precisely to suit your needs, and custom "buttons" can be added that bring in your bespoke functionality. Of course, the Editor itself exposes a wide range of Custom Events that allow you to customize the interaction further.

In this special brownbag event, RTE author Dav Glass gives you a guided tour of one of YUI's most important components. He'll discuss:

  • Key unique qualities of YUI's RTE

  • RTE's flexible package structure

  • File-size and performance profile

  • Using the YUI RTE in the real world

  • Extending the RTE

  • Toolbar customization

  • Text filtering

  • What's next for the RTE?

Seating is limited, so please put your name on the Attending list on Upcoming to save yourself a spot.

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NOTE: The YUI Rich Text Editor event scheduled for next Monday is being postponed. devel-frontend-announce will be notified when the event is rescheduled, which I expect to be in late February or early March.