835 Larkin St
San Francisco, California 94109

Solo Exhibit and Installation by Adam Flores

Introducing Adam Flores in his first solo exhibit, “A Fool’s Errand” showing at Gallery 3, San Francisco on April 18, 2008. In his fifteen piece exhibit and installation, we will see an extraordinary look at life represented through metaphorical, deep imagery. Flores’ depiction of churches and abandoned buildings that nature attempted to reclaim creates a beautiful symbolism. Struggles of social and economic class, religion, family values and morality creep, twist, fall, and break through the ground and eroded environment.

The influences of growing up in LA, being Hispanic but not speaking Spanish, and living on food stamps, Adam is able to recognize the real state of the ever changing environment constantly moving away from nature towards a world obsessed with housing developments. With beautiful and soft, yet thoroughly defined scenes of his representation of the world, we can seek meaning in every part of the painting, shining through ink and gouache. Piñatas blinded, hanging from clothes lines alongside money bags and dollar bills juxtapose with status and intertwining an unreachable goal of wealth. The isolated and abandoned landscapes have been deteriorated and broken down, forgotten and left to be reclaimed by massive organic creatures of nature. Flores’ scenes of a world lacking human existence and a past forgotten is prominently defined and premeditated with every detail in his pieces.

“A Fool’s Errand,” the solo exhibit by Adam Flores, will be showing through the month of April at Gallery 3, located in downtown San Francisco. The opening reception on April 18th will be open from 7pm and lasts until 11pm. This event is open to the public, so please come and experience this amazing show and support one of the emerging artists of San Francisco’s art world.

Official Website: http://whitewallssf.com

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