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Everyday more and more people turn to the Internet to find information about products and services that are nearby. Local businesses that do not appear where they are looking have zero chance of being found in these queries. This course will give you the knowledge you need to compete effectively in the local online marketplace and get found when and where potential customers look for you.

Everyone who is interested in learning how Local Search works and how they can maximize their local presence on the Internet should attend this session.

Brick and mortar businesses and in-house marketers will learn how to best compete online and the most effective methods of promoting their products, services and locations across the Internet.

Search Engine Marketing agencies will get a clear understanding of how they can best help their clients with physical locations and defined service areas to prosper online. They will also learn why the Internet Yellow Pages are such fierce competitors in Local Search markets and what they need to do to compete more effectively with them.

Internet Yellow Pages marketers will learn how Local Search works and that a little Search Engine Optimization can go a very long way. They will better understand the areas at which the Search Engine Marketers currently excel. Learning more about Local Search will enable them to communicate more effectively with their clients and to improve their own marketing mix.

Learn only what you need to know - no fluff and no filler. We'll get right to the heart of how Local Search works and what you can do right now to maximize the presence of your business - or your clients' businesses-on the web.

You'll get a jump start on Local Search in just half a day!

Official Website: http://www.searchenginestrategies.com/newyork/training.html#local

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