65th between Broadway & Amsterdam
New York City, New York

Screening as part of "Scanners: The 2007 New York Video Festival"

Director: Edin Vélez, Country: USA, Release: 2006, Runtime: 75

The story of Molly, a 20-something social worker with a boyfriend she barely tolerates but can't muster the courage to break up with, is woven into the fabric of New York City in a fractured, offbeat search for happiness and romance. Video art pioneer Edin Vélez delivers in his first narrative feature a multi-layered story in which elements reappear in a variety of iterations. Combining sexually explicit material with visually arresting structure and form, A Certain Foolish Consistency bridges the gap between traditional cinema and experimental art.

(Includes a post-screening discussion with Edin Vélez.)

Official Website: http://www.filmlinc.com/wrt/onsale/scanners07/acertainfoolishconsistency.html

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