N 62nd St & Havelock Ave
Lincoln, Nebraska 68507

Monthly photowalk of Lincoln, Nebraska Flickr users. Meet other Flickr fans, socialize, and show off your latest work or camera gear.

Please note: Due to a Husker football game on Saturday, September 9 (with a time yet to be announced), September's photowalk will be on SUNDAY, September 10, 2006. Please adjust your calendars accordingly.

Meet at 1:00 p.m. in front of The Vickeridge (northwest corner of N 62nd St & Havelock Ave intersection). We will make brief introductions and walk immediately, to/through the: 25th Annual Havelock Car Show.

Between 3:00 and 3:15 p.m. we will head back to Havelock Avenue, to a pub or food establishment where we may enjoy a soda or water (or other) and chat with the group (am tentatively thinking Arnold's Tavern, as the recommended Engine House Cafe is closed on Sundays). This portion of our events has proven to be as enjoyable as the walk itself, so we hope you will stick around.

Hope to see YOU there!

Official Website: http://flickr.com/groups/lincoln_nebraska/discuss/72157594240950279/

Added by sarah68508 on August 16, 2006



Cars... this is going to be great fun!


Yes, I am excited for this unique subject. I will be going early to meet with the event contacts, as they have a few guidelines for us.

Also, a reminder to anyone who has not made it to a group event yet... I have schwag!!! :)


Should be there barring a suprise crisis!


I'll be there. I'm also aware of 1 other flickrer who will be coming, and another who might be.

Sarah - I notice that the 'hoofbeat of lincoln' club who is running the car show have contact info (and club photographers) listed on their page. I'll bet they would love some info on who we are and where our photos will end up.


I expect I'll be there. I plan to be there. I think I'll be there.

One can only hope. And wonder.

And I bet I'll be late.


I should be there. Chris - I will meet you at church in the morning. I have a flight out of Lincoln at 6pm tomorrow night and my wife is driving home alone (well, the dog is with her) so I will probably leave a little early.