Fillmore St. at Marina Blvd
San Francisco, California 94123

Holy crap, the Sun returns, so shall the kites.

From the organizers of Urban Golf, What's Your Answer and the Urban Iditarod comes: KITE FIGHT! Flying pretty kites at Chrissy Fields is for sissies, the 9.8th Fighting Kite Brigade challenges YOU to a kite duel.

Do not bring a quality kite we recommend you bring a craptastic plastic kite and whatever optional weaponry will lead you to domination of the skies. The Kite Brigade recommend getting kites at Cliff's Variety in the Castro, thrift stores in the Mission or the kite stores in Chinatown. Bring more than one kite, its a kite fight, you're bound to lose one or six.

No I didn't read the Kite Runner, stop f-ing asking.

FREE with kite!

Added by rickabruzzo on April 18, 2008