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IDtrust is devoted to research and deployment experience related to making good security decisions based on identity information, especially when public key cryptography is used and the human elements of usability are considered.

The success of any collaborative strategy depends on having the right people gain access to the right information at the right time. This implies that an IT infrastructure has - among other things - an authorization framework in place that can respond to dynamic security conditions and regulatory requirements quickly, flexibly and securely. What are the authorization strategies that will succeed in the next decade? What technologies exist to address complex requirements today? What research is academia and industry pursuing to solve the problems likely to show up in the next few years?

In addition to peer-reviewed papers, we facilitate discussions among panels of invited experts and symposium participants. This symposium was known as the PKI R&D Workshop from 2002-2007.

Official Website: http://middleware.internet2.edu/idtrust/2009/

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