934 Brannan
San Francisco, California 94103

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ARTworkSF www.artworksf.com
Nude, Erotic and Fetish Art and Performances Benefit for San Francisco Sex
Information and San Francisco Artists Resource Center

Wednesday, August 31, 5-8pm
SOMARTS GALLERY: 934 Brannan St., SF (@9th St.)
$5-10 Door Donation > Hosted Bar
Preview: 4:30pm -5:30pm. $20 + Donation
Sexy and fetish attire encouraged

* CABARET: Special Appearance by Indra: ?The Courtney Love of Cabaret?
* LIVE MUSIC: Comfy Chair-Time-travelling Slamswing Band, Priestess Barbara
- Bi-Poly-Pagan-Priestess, Asher ? ?The Nude Clarinet Guy?
* COMEDY: Rambunctious Stand up comedian - Angie Krass, Chuck ?The Naked
Sax Player?
* ROMANTIC READINGS/EROTIC POETRY: Heather Hanan- Miss Too Fish 2005; Ross
Ellen, horehound stillpoint, Bill Noble; Freejahlove and the Brides of
Paradise; Michael Fink,
* FASHION SHOW: Misty Rose; mzz T rzz Accessories & Clothing and YOU!:
* PAINT WRESTLING: Playthings: Tim and Lean
* ARTISTS DRAWING NUDE MODELS: Qatana , Surfer Mike, Rocky Angel, Naked
Andy, Dave Hill
* DJ Azam Khan Underground World with Electronic Twist
* DANCE PERFORMANCES: Walter Thompson III, Rich Valens, Carly- Primal
Seductive Hula Trance Witchcraft
* FILM: Victor Barbieri
* FREE SPANKIN?S: Alsana Sin - using her Horse-Pig

Over 100 artworks for sale from classical, romantic, sensual nudes to ?art
that turns you on!?
ARTISTS: John Abrahamson, Roger Licot, Fima Gelman, Catherine Merrill,
Dimitri Kourouniotis, Fernando Reyes, AnneKarin Glass, Imelda Picherit, Eric
Paulson, Ginny Fang, James Albert, Stephen Wanat, Scott Tracy, Heather
Hanan, Aisjah Hopkins, Dan Cope, Jamie Erfurdt, Lisette Lugo, Adrienne Skye
Roberts, William Ulrich, Jeff Codori, Karen Gutfreund, Maggie O?Brien, Bruce
Meisner, Vera Costa, Victor Barbieri, Ericka Yanina, Tim Falls, Michael
Kovach-Long, Al Lopez, Al Schulte, Maja Saphir, Sandi Kovach-Long, Paige
Tuhey, Stephanie Cunningham, Scott Smitherman, Lawrence Lui,Genea Barnes,
Eric Stampfli, Alisa Lowden, Emily Hung, Erin Schroder

For more information and to purchase tickets: (415) 673-3080 |