Vermont at 20th
San Francisco, California 94107

• Easter Sunday, March 23rd at 5PM.
• Vermont Street at 20th (Potrero Hill),+sf&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=32.693529,69.257813

• Free outdoor event • Big People on Kids Toys • No rubber wheels • No Registration • Hand-Made Prizes • Fun! • No Bathrooms! • No Garbage Cans!

• Please remember to wear a helmet & gloves for safety. Respect the neighborhood, people's property and pack out your trash.


• THIS IS AT VERMONT STREET on POTRERO HILL (as seen in the second Dirty Harry movie) and NOT at Lombard Street.

Official Website:

Added by stuartzero on January 24, 2008



The crookedest street in SF is (DRUM ROLL)
VERMONT between 19th and 22nd 2 blocks with no 21st st crossing right next to 101

Daniel the Red

I agree lets move this to the real crookedest street.....Vermont!!! If the sour neighbours complain, about that local,...why not Dolores srtreet at 20th astride the park!!!


Does anyone know if we need to sign up prior to the event or if we can just show up?


chuckskisf got it right .. Vermont Street it is!


I'm so there. Will work on the PoHill cognoscenti to embrace! My crappy video for last year's has been viewed nearly 100K times from a little Y! Video posting:


Hey SF, c'mon over! We live around the corner, and will drag the grill over to the park at the top of the course around 3pm, for an Easter Big Wheel BBQ. Bring some meat, something to share....and of course your big wheel. See you at the starting line.

Which reminds me--I just drove the course a while ago, you'd better bring your helmet as well, as there are several places where an ill-timed slide into the wall will send you pitching out into open space....and on to the racers below. Just saying--game on!




One more thing .. elbow pads are a great idea. Moreso than knee pads in my experience. So if you have pads but only kneepads, you might want to consider wearing them on your arm-joints instead.

Interested 208