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Telecommunication infrastructures play a vital role in modern society. The advancements in the range of network service offerings, their performance, quality of service, security, and ubiquity are relentless, despite global economy fluctuations. The demand for high bandwidth network infrastructures is continuously growing within both academic and industrial sectors.

Grid computing is one of the many examples of the new emerging paradigm of networking characterized by huge data traffic flows, that require an extremely high-performance network infrastructure. The need of high speed is emerging also in mobile, wireless network environments, where new wireless technologies promise data rates above 100 Mbps. Other high bandwidth network examples include community access networks, on demand optical networks and the Next Generation Internet.

To meet these challenges, experimental activities on infrastructures, such as testing, verification, deployment, are pivotal for academic researchers, developers, service managers and providers, as well as for end users. The management of research infrastructures is increasingly dependent on a business model that optimizes their operational price/performance ratio. For example, access to experimental infrastructures for real-life applications by specific user communities would benefit all the stakeholders involved: the end users, because of the experimental evaluation of the provided services, the researchers and infrastructure experimenters, because of the knowledge gained from case-study analysis, and the infrastructure managers, because of the business exploitation of the network.

The synergies created by opening research infrastructures to real life users offer all parties involved an enormous development potential, which needs to be thoroughly investigated and discussed. Tridentcom brings together all aspects related to experimental telecommunication infrastructures, creating a forum where telecommunication networks researchers, vendors, providers and users can exchange ideas on past experience, requirements, needs, visions for the establishment of such infrastructures.

Research on all aspects of testbed and research infrastructure operation and management will find in Tridentcom its primary forum for focused discussion. High quality papers reporting on original research and on experiment results addressing the above areas are solicited for submission. The main topics of the conference are:

* Next Generation Internet Testbeds
* Next Generation Wireless Network Testbeds
* Next Generation Optical Network Testbeds
* Ubiquitous Network Testbeds
* Wireless Sensor Testbeds
* Testbed Operation & Management for User Communities
* Testbed Operation & Management for Research Communities
* Testbed Cooperation & Integration
* Innovative Measurements Methodologies & Tools
* Traffic Measurements Testbeds
* Software Tools to Support Distributed Testbeds / Virtual Laboratories
* Management of Massive Databases of Experimental Data
* Knowledge & Technology Transfer Procedures
* Security (AAA) Testing on Open Testbeds
* Social Impacts of Infrastructures
* Infrastructure Real-Life Applications
* Business Models for Infrastructure Budgeting & Planning
* Infrastructure Renting & Pricing Policies
* Vendors & Providers Partnerships

Important Dates
Full papers due August 31, 2006
Demo proposals due September 30, 2006
Notification of acceptance October 31, 2006
Final manuscript due November 30, 2006
Conference date February 5-8, 2007

Best Testbed Award
A Best Testbed Award will be assigned to the research infrastructure that will best implement the open infrastructure model, so that to offer the greatest valuable service to the public, and the most sustainable business model to the infrastructure managers.

Official Website: http://www.tridentcom.org

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