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Join Will Radik, The Meat Show's Emily Gibson (themeatshow.com) and Portland darling Meagan Kate as they comment on one of the greatest musicals ever put to the screen. And yell at it, too, if you want.

How do you improve Perrault's fairy tale about a magical, footwear clad cat who lies and cheats selflessly, in order to get his master to the top? Well, for starters, let's get Golan Globus, producers of such films as Masters of the Universe, The Apple, Alien from L.A., Cyborg, and the Death Wish series, among others, to produce it. Let's make it a musical. Oh, and let's get CHRISTOPHER WALKEN to play Puss in Boots.

Walken is absolutely stellar in this film. That makes it all the more bizarre as Walken's skills stand in blistering contrast to the tepid songwriting and performance of the other actors. (Except the King. He's rad.)
It's spectacular.

You kind of need to see this to believe it.

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