4811 Se Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97215

7th Planet Picture Show is an mst3k inspired celebration of psychotronic cinema hosted by Will Radik and whatever friends he can drag into the theater. Audience members are encouraged to leave their cell phones on and take part in heckling the films.

December 13th - THE WIZARD OF MARS, A.K.A. HORRORS OF THE RED PLANET - Four astronauts land on Mars and must make survive in a treacherous landscape. Along the way they discover the remnants of a long-lost civiliization... and an ancient secret!

This movie has everything that makes bad movies fun, bad dialogue, delivered with complete lack of skill, ridiculous production design, a questionable grasp of science, and enough cheese in general to fill a space suit! This is one of Will's personal favorites.


Added by willradik on December 7, 2009