171 East Strawberry Drive
Mill Valley (Strawberry), California 94941-2576

FREE SWAPPING* (see below)



PLEASE! If attending DO NOT park on residents property or obstructing their homes. If we want this event to continue you MUST obey these rules. The residents are kind enough to allow us to do this. Lets keep it a great event and lets keep it going.


I will have some food and beverages available. Please email me with any suggestions.


[email protected]


Q: So I have some bike stuff in my garage to get rid of, how do I sell? and how much will it cost me?

A: 5' x 5' spaces are FREE (donations are gladly accepted). So all you people who have some stuff in your garage... please come down and bring it. email me: [email protected] so I know to hold a spot for you!

Q: I want to come down and browse for some stuff to buy. How much does it cost me to get in?

A: FREE (Donations are gladly accepted to keep the swap going, thanks)

Q: I want to be kept informed of this event in the future. Do you have a mailing list?

A: Yes, It's just me sending out 1-3 emails a year in regards to my swap and things going on.

Q. Do you support a local organization with proceeds made with the swap?

A. If and when I actually make a dime on this swap I will donate all the proceeds to a cycling oriented non profit.


Last year was great but it costs money to put this thing on. I am charging a nominal fee to regain my expenditures. So what cost money? (you may ask) The space itself, the insurance for the space, the posters, port-a-potties, people and time, believe me, it adds up! So here is the deal:

Got Bike Stuff? EVERYONE who wants to sell anything BIKE RELATED even just a pair of cleats reserve a spot by emailing

[email protected]

Call your friends, empty out their garage and make money!

  • 5' x 5' spaces are FREE (donations are gladly accepted).

  • 5' x 10' spaces are $25.00 each so...

  • 10' x 10' space will cost $50.00

  • 20' x 20' space will cost you $200.00

Spaces are payable to me in CASH at the swap or by check one week before the swap day. There is no percentage fee or other cost.

I have been just breaking even each year and it's always a questionable thing. So please pay me before the swap so I may have piece of mind of recouping my expenditures. Thank you!


You may begin setting up as early as you wish. I should be at the location at 5:30am or so. The swap starts at 8:00am and I will NOT be holding people at the door. ALL people selling stuff with trucks and vehicles, weather they be employees cars or whatever, ALL NEED TO BE OUT OF THE PARKING LOT AT 7:30am, NO LATER.


I need to make parking easier on ALL the residents and attendees! Please, if you are selling, park in a legal spot and far from the swap so others may come and go. I will tell you where to park, take a bike and ride it to the swap (it's not far!). Thanks!


When things die down and the parking lot isn't jammed anymore you may go and get your vehicle and begin to load. Please make way for passing and parking vehicles.

Official Website: http://mvbikeswap.com

Added by klaxon on March 2, 2008