53 Bankside
London, England SE1 9TG


(a) Photowalking - 10:50 (for an 11am kick-off)
A photowalk around Tate's Street Art Exhibition Walking Tour.

You can find the map on Tate's website here, we’ll bring along some print-outs on the day. The route takes about 1 hour 5 minutes (walking non-stop), we’ve allowed for extra time so you can stop and take photos. It might also be a good opportunity to take some photos for the Tate ‘Street or Studio’ group on Flickr.

Meeting point: Main entrance to Tate Modern the front of the Turbine Hall.

Bring your camera (needless to say), wear comfy shoes and pray that it won’t rain!

(b) Social @ The Founders Arms – 12:45

After the photowalk, we’re going to head to the Founders Arms pub on the bankside near Tate Modern if you’d like to join us! As it’s the weekend (and likely to be fairly busy), we’ve secured some space inside and pre-ordered some nibbles (if you think you’ll be peckish, please aim to get their on time-ish).

Nb. We’ve changed the finish time a bit, but hey it’s a public house – so of course you’re welcome to stay/meet there as long as you like :-)

Added by squirrelmonkey on May 28, 2008



Love tate!


Here's a thread back over on the london flickr meetups group:


As far as somewhere suitable for drinks and nibbles, how about any of the pubs in Borough Market? I like the Market Porter best...


Amano is pretty lowkey and cool, love the stone-oven-baked flat bread there :)



I'm interested. :)


id love to come along - sounds fun


I'll be there, and I'm sure I can drag some of the Oxford Flickr Group with me.


Crikey! We're drinking at 1pm?


george08 welcome to england


I can't make it - at a Wedding. Sorry folks.


This sounds like a great first London flickr event!! count me in!

Miss Anne

Just moved back to London having studied photography in Paris so am eager to meet local enthusiasts :) Is there an emergency "I can't find anyone" number to call?


I'll come!
I never have anyone to take pics with when I'm walking around London as most my friends are too lazy!
It'll be nice to meet others who like to take pics too

Gaetan Lee

I think i might be able to do the first couple of hours ...


Will you varmints stay off my lawn!


Does a large group of inebriated photographers count as a security threat these days? Have the authorities been notified? :-)


Is it too late to coordinate some kind of wave-hello to any of the NYC Flickr people via the Telectroscope after we've been in the pub?


Judging by the crowd there last Saturday this may be somewhat tricky in the middle of the day.


Will try to be there - I'll be wearing a bald head and a Samsung :-)


oooh mondoagogo - that's a cool idea... i wonder if there's an optimum time to do that... (when it's not too crowded and NYC are awake...)

Paul Robinson

Do we have to drink all afternoon or can we take some more pictures?


I think some people might be headed to see the naked bike race in hyde park later in the afternoon...


Regards the Telectroscope being crowded, you can book a time if you have one specifically arranged for a group at each end. But it's probably a bit late notice.


Just letting you know that there'll be about five of us coming up from the Bristol-flickr crowd. See you there! :)


I will be going if it's dry as I will be travailing up to London by motorcycle any local knowledge of the closest motorcycle parking bay to the Tate?

Gaetan Lee

the weather reports look good for tomorrow... nice!


@ Paul Robinson. No, you have to drink all afternoon. You can take photos whilst drinking as long as it does not slow your pace by more than 15%.


The rule is - take one, drink one. One roll of film = 36 pints. See you in the ambulance.

Gaetan Lee

thanks for the food and drinks... sorry i had to dash!!

Gaetan Lee

thanks for the food and drinks... sorry i had to dash!!


I must say how much I enjoyed today, my first flickr event and thanks to all involved, how many of you had to dig out the camera and run out of the pub for the fly past?

What group are today’s photos in???????????


Agree with euroboyfire - my first flickr meet and a most enjoyable time. Thanks to all involved with its organisation. Great job.

Fortunately the fly past was considerate enough to wait until I was just arriving at the pub...and had a long lens on my Nikon at the time!


Really great day - thanks to Fiona (squirrelmonkey) and George from Flickr for hosting & organising such a great meet up. Lovely grub, lovely company and really looking forward to seeing photos

@euroboyfire look out for photos tagged upcoming:event=734886



Enjoyed it greatly :)


Great fun, thanks for organising. Was my first and will definately attend more.



Echoing everyone else's sentiments, it was a great day. I'm just sorry I had to shoot off and didn't get to chat with more people.

Lisa C

This was my first meet!

Really enjoyed it so hopefully this will be start of many more!

Gaetan Lee

really enjoyed it.. nice one!

Chris Stuart

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