111 Minna Street
San Francisco, California 94105

June 20th, 2006 will be the one year anniversary of the Microformats.org community.

As a community we have accomplished an incredible amount in just 12 months.

Let's take a moment to take stock and recognize our accomplishments, reflect on what we have learned, and consider what we might do in the year ahead.

Official Website: http://microformats.org

Added by factoryjoe on April 20, 2006



Uhm, wrong metro? I'm really looking forward to this, unless it's actually in San Jose. :)


I'll be the one rocking out in the black gogoboots & microformats tee.

Jayzus. I'm like a geek groupie.


Yay, I'll finally get the chance to get the t-shirt!


Yes, t-shirts!!!!!


You know you're never supposed to wear the shirt of the band you're going to see, right?