1965 Main Street
Vancouver, British Columbia

SIGNAL + NOISE festival

April 27, 28 + 29th 2006
Video In Studios / Satellite Video Exchange Society
1965 Main Street, Vancouver, BC, V5T 3C1
[email protected]

SIGNAL + NOISE is a laser blast explosion of sonic dissidence and video trickery, dragging your brain kicking and screaming into a new realm of media art. Working outside boundaries and against classical hierarchical structures of stuffy old art festivals, SIGNAL + NOISE strives to provide contemporary media for the people. The definition of "people?" Artists of all disciplines, independent curators, children in wizard costumes, hot dog vendors, old men, ladies in funny hats... you name it. We welcome artistry from across the gamut, slashing through the typicality of tradition and highlighting the truly daring and original. We are a place where established artists and your dog's video camera unite, at a central location called Video In Studios.

Video In has long been known as Vancouver's artist-run media center, a place which provides both equipment access and education, as well as a events and exhibitions that include installations, screenings, performance art, righteous video dance parties (Muchmusic style, without the branding) and noise shows.

Join us this year for the 6th Annual SIGNAL + NOISE festival, on April 27, 28 + 29th 2006, held as always at VIDEO IN STUDIOS, 1965 Main Street, in Vancouver, BC.

? THURSDAY: Video Program, Sound Diffusion and 2 Live Audio Performances.
? FRIDAY: BREAD GIRL and FLYING FRIENDS Site Specific Performance, Sound Diffusion and 7 Live Audio Performances.
? SATURDAY: Sound Diffusion and 5 Live Audio Performances
? ALL THREE NIGHTS: 2 Video Installations, 4 Sound Installations, 1 Lounge Installation.
? ARTISTS FROM: New York, Wien , Vancouver, London, Kitchener, Richmond, Darwen, Rome, Chicago, Malmo, Toronto, Frankfurt, Nizhny, Kuala Lumpur, Gokeborg, Montreal, Port Moody, Guelph, Rovinj.

Please go to our online schedule at http://www.signalandnoise.ca to find the full program guide.

Any media inquiries can be directed to Velveeta Krisp at [email protected] or at 604.872.8337

Official Website: http://www.signalandnoise.ca

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