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What Happens When A Billion People Worldwide Become Equipped With The Tools Of Visual Communication?

In the past four years the number of cameras in people’s hands worldwide has increased by 600%. It will double again over the next five years. Total number of cameras of all kinds sold in 2000: 85 Million units. Projected 2008 sales: One Billion units. Pervasive, web-connected imaging and the explosion of user-generated visual content are transforming how we communicate with each other in our personal, work, and community lives.

What happens when a billion users of many cultures, and scores of engineers and entrepreneurs, focus on new ways to enrich customers’ lives through imaging? What happens when R&D is fueled by an order-of-magnitude increase in economic reward? And what happens to the industry’s business models and value formulas?

For the answers, Future Image, I3A and PMA invite you to 6Sight™ - an innovative and unique mix of information and entertainment: thought-provoking new perspectives, opinions by expert industry insiders, and first looks at exciting new products and technologies in development.

Official Website: http://www.6sight.com/

Added by raines on October 9, 2006