195 east 26th avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia

The third Friday of every month, we use the space and facilities provided by the Butchershop Floor gallery (butchershop.ca, 195 E. 26th @ Main) to conduct an unplugged, by-donation open stage event where new and old works by creative individuals and groups working in varied and different media and genres can present, perform and workshop their material in a respectful, intimate and inspiring environment. What kind of material? Commonly we see spoken word, music, improv and dance... less frequently, we see things like juggling and puppetry. What do we want out of you? We want you to surprise us. (But please, the jumping-out-of-a-closet-wearing-nothing-but-a-gorilla-mask is getting old.

Added by UnwashedMass on October 11, 2004

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