195 east 26th avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia

On the third Friday of every month the Butchershop is the site of Vancouver's only unplugged open stage / variety show, limited only by your imagination!

Hosted by Rowan Lipkovits and Matthew Glick, their goal is to achieve in any given night such a diversity of genres and styles that the event lives up to the ketchup-y tally in its name. While it's true that participants do tend to contribute heavily from the poetry-spoken word and acoustic guitar-slinging singer-songwriting departments, the event has also enjoyed wonderful performances that might not fit in other venues -- everything from choreographed dance routines to improv theatre to the impromptu performance of short guerrilla plays to clowning routines, puppet shows, and the conducting of a cellphone orchestra!

8 'til late -- now closing with the "Liars of Orpheus" improvised storytelling with improvised musical accompaniment. No sign-up -- do what you want, when you feel. No amplification -- keeps the audience concentration intentful and respectful, and is what separates our open stage from an open mic (...no mic!) By donation / Pay-what-you-can. Contact Rowan at [email protected], 604-877-1829

Poster at http://www.butchershop.ca/images/57-apr-05.png

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