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Have a great website but no traffic?

98% of websites get fewer than 5 visitors each day. The vast majority of websites on the internet get absolutely no traffic.

Approximately 40 million people surf the internet every day and the top 100,000 websites fulfill 99% of their purchases. With the right tactics, your website can be one of those top 100,000.

Internet marketing isn't complicated. It's a process and anyone can learn it. And once you've learned it, you can do it over and over again.

Basically, the process is ...
1. Drive Traffic
2. Provide Value
3. Monetize Trust

That's it. 3 steps. This is not rocket science. And in this 90-minute free workshop, you'll learn the secrets to the first step: Drive Traffic.

You'll learn:

1. Build thousands of one-way inbound links all by yourself.
2. Improve your Google ranking for specific keyword phrases.
3. Learn where to find huge crowds of people in your target market.
4. Find out how to keep your own forum threads at the top of the listings.
5. Learn what's as good as currency in the blogging community.
6. Leverage cutting-edge social media platforms to gain global exposure.
7. Discover an online tool that will sell your products while you sleep.
8. Learn how you can quickly build a massive list of emails addresses.

Here's what other people are saying:

"My head is spinning because Patrick gave so much good information! The checklist of 'things to do today' will come in handy to help me focus and get it started. Good, good stuff."

"Patrick is the go-to guy to drive traffic to your site, offering a wealth of creative internet marketing ideas cost effectively."

"This workshop was very informative, insightful and motivating. I almost didn't attend because I had another event to go to, but at the last minute I decided to attend. I am really glad I did. I left with about a dozen good new ideas that will help me in my work. Thanks so much!"

Free but RSVP is required to get in.

Official Website: http://www.tacticalexecution.com/content/view/16

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