5217 California Ave SW
Seattle, Washington 98136

Oct 26th 4:00pm

West Seattle

Yea yeah, we liked it in Fremont……but Zombie Walk has become a parade. Let's get the "invading small town America" scenario going. Where else has that feel than California Ave in West Seattle? Join us for chasing down some fresh meat for our rotting bodies…..

Here is the rough plan……

3:45 We gather at the back of the Rite Aid parking lot. The parking lot there is huge and there is lots of free residential parking all around that area.
Rite Aid- 5217 California Ave SW West Seattle WA 98136
(just south of the Alaska junction)

(We recommend that you take the bus because we’ll be walking far from the car area anyways) Plus, the 55, 54, 21 and 22 buses go straight to the California Alaska junction. The 54 will drop zombies off directly at the Rite Aid on California.

4:00 The horde is assembled and moves along California towards Alaska. We detour to Jefferson square which would be great place to shop for "braaiiins" at the Safeway and maybe the hazmat suit guys want to come out again and attempt to keep the crowd “safe”. Then we shamble along to the Junction of California and Alaska for more zombie mahem. Where is that zombie marching band? Drums? Tuba? Then we trek up California to the Admiral Junction which is about a mile away. We pass a church where some ministers will surely be doing some zombie apocalypse preaching at us. (Ahem, Ministers?) We keep plodding along California and eventually end up at Admiral Way.

6:30ish We arrive at the Admiral Junction. Once there, there's nearby dinner choices.... There's pizza (cheap option), Angelina's for Italian(2311 California Ave Sw
Seattle, WA 98116, and an Indian restaurant for dinner.

After that, the buses that go downtown are 56, 57 and 55. 55 will also get you back to your car by Rite Aid every 1/2 hr.


7:30ish 21+ zombie time.
Cocktails at 7:30pm to 8:30pm at Mission (2325 California Ave 98116)


8:30 Karaoke at Yen Wor from 8:30 until you’re zombied out.
(2300 California Ave 98116)


Bus route from Admiral area:
Depart California Ave SW & SW College St At 05:41 PM
On Route MT 55 Downtown via Alaska Junction
Arrive Bell St & 7th Ave At 06:12 PM
Walk 0.2 mile SE to 2130 6TH AVE

***PLEASE Leave comments and volunteer activities you think would entertain!***
More info TBA

http://www.livejournal.com/users/cleozombie (how to's, inspiration, planning)

Official Website: http://www.seattlezombiewalk.com

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