1141 Polk St.
San Francisco, California 94109

As always, hundreds of local and internationally designed tee-shirts including many one of a kind works will be featured on the gallery walls.

Last year's reception featured over 1000 tee-shirts on exhibition and a line around the block to enter!

And this year promises to be even bigger as we join forces with the OUTSIDERSF to include a runway fashion show on August 22nd.

SF Chronicle article from last year's show.

From the article:
Here's the way the show works: Space Gallery puts out an open call for T-shirts. Then, after paying a $5 fee, artists can price, display and hopefully sell their handiworks. Space Gallery doesn't impose limits on what a T-shirt can sell for, but Morrone says that the median price isn't terribly high - around $20. This year, he says, he's seen the range go from $5 to $50.

The impetus for the show was to find a wider audience for local artists. "We wanted a group show, and something unique," Morrone says, "I think (San Francisco) is full of great artists, but they only can get so much exposure by putting (their work) on a canvas and getting it on a wall."

Official Website: http://www.spacegallerysf.com/events/march_08/t_shirt.html

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Website says this is actually on September 19.