661 Howard St
San Francisco, California

Scott Kveton is streaming in from Oregon to spread open source cheer and good will! Come join us for a beer or three with one of the guys who makes sure that you can download or hack Firefox, Gnome, and a slew of other open source staples whenever and wherever you want!

Check my post for more info about this open source luminary:


Bonus: Blake Burris from CocoaRadio (cocoaradio.com) is also in town for MacWorld and will be in attendance at tonight's meetup!

Added by factoryjoe on January 6, 2006



7:55 am?



Wow! You people really get started early!! /me had no idea the bars were open by 8am in SFO ... w00t!

Seriously though, looking forward to meeting with folks and chatting up the latest/greatest open source goodness.


Yeah, fixed... apparently if you leave the AM/PM field blank it defaults to AM. Doh!


Adding this to one of our stops while in SF. Looks like a great time to soak up open source vibes.