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London, England WC1H 9EF

Ruby Manor 2 : Manor Harder

The Guvner is opening the doors to The Manor once again, and just like last time it’s up to you to fill my echoing halls with the sound of Ruby.

It'll be the same process as last year, so you can just read last year’s announcement again ( and skip straight to making a topic suggestion (something you’d like to listen to) or talk proposal (something you’d like to speak about) in a new thread on the mailing list (

Last time ( there were 3 guiding principles which are worth reiterating:

* Affordability - still no cruft; bring your own clothes, food, stickers and free-pens, and as before; you’ll know exactly where the money is going

* Transparent - Everything is still going to happen on the mailing list (, but there be Twitter ( and a blog ( to provide summaries for the mail averse. Everyone should contribute, in whatever way they can, to help whip the conference into perfect nick.

* Relevant - Last year, this meant no war stories; this year it's also ‘no repeats’. If the talk has been given before, chances are that it’s available online already. Ruby Manor 2 isn’t a timeshifted channel for the other ruby conferences, so if you’re talking at the Manor you should be talking about something novel and new that you really care about.

There you have it. Ruby Manor last year was a success because of all the effort that the attendees put in on the mailing list to shape what went on in that room on the day.

Official Website:

Added by the_guvner on October 29, 2009