3387 22nd St.
San Francisco, California

So now that we've got all these wicked-ass APIs, let's build something with them!!

Space is limited to 12, so if you're interested, drop me an email at barcamp at gmail dot com and lemme know what project/API you're working on or are familiar with and which other project/person/people you'd like to work with. This will be the first of many events, so if you don't get in this time, there will be more.


Added by factoryjoe on December 30, 2005



Watching, but not attending (it would be like me trying to step in and join the philharmonic). I'm totally looking forward to seeing the results! ;)


I'm there if there's space for me. It's a short flight up from San Diego, and totally worth it.


Is space limited to 12 because of the venue size? because perhaps a bigger venue is in order...?

irina slutsky

i HAVE to be there to get the news! i'm a halfling like msrogue, but i can go on a "press pass" hhhheeee. well, i'm more like a quarterling.


I think I'll skip this one. Don't want to commit to having any presentable projects by that time.


rmm: yes, limited due to size. The venue is really important on this one. That doesn't mean that you could stage your own independent Mashup Camp...!


I'll be there, since I help to run the space ;)

Possible things we can explore: JSONP for mash ups; possible work arounds for the security issues in JSONP; a universal web service API for RSS aggregators so we can see some innovation in this space again; how AMASS and dojo.storage can change the game for mashups, since you don't need a server for storage; using JSONP to provide a universal authentication system; just how far can we push not needing a server for AJAX/DHTML apps using maships?


By the way, right now the coworking space is a great place to work and can accomodate a fair number of people (check out pics of the space at http://codinginparadise.org/coworking); however, we are looking for larger, more affordable space that can accomodate these kinds of workshops, though, and turn into a permanent place where people can drop by, work, innovate, and have community. Imagine a permanent Bar Camp, or a contemporary Homebrew Computer Club; let's make it happen. If you have any leads on this email me at [email protected].


Watching for now; would like to attend if my project (see http://www.mindsack.com/uxe/SpiffySearch/) seems like it's of interest.


A cohousing common house might be ideal for this kind of thing.


I'm tentatively attending only since there's a Flickr offsite I *may* be attending, also Cal...


Hi Rains; Coworking is inspired by cohousing.


wish i could come. but, can't usually get out of the valley during the day.