London, England

Come join me, Trevor Carpenter, as I visit London, England. I'll be joining many regular Londoners as we photowalk some of the beautiful things to see, in London, UK.

Here's the route.

Don't miss out!

Official Website: http://www.photowalking.org/2008/04/01/special-summertime-london-photowalk

Added by trevorcarpenter on April 1, 2008



I'd like to join you from Austria. I will try to bring some friends of mine from http://www.photowalk.at, our Austrian Photowalking Community.


Wow Martin! I hope it works out for you. It would be great to meet you all.


Sorry all, I have some bad news. My wife and I have been forced to keep our anniversary trip in North America. Our trip was nearly paid for, and we're having to seek refunds.

I hope you all have a great time, without me.

We'll try again next year!


Even without Trevor - are we still planning on doing this? I think it would be good to go ahead?


I wish i join in, this would really nice, i join many pbase meeting, but flickr yet, i need have a try later, anyway wish all have a great day

Regards Li


I hope you all decide to continue with the photowalk. I'd really love to see what beautiful photography you create.


what time did you get to big ben ? i was there at 2pm !

Tavis Booth

Where was everyone ? I must of started in the wrong place :0 oops


We were at Wellington Arch until 1:30. Got to Big Ben around 2:45 but there were only 5 of us...


Bummer only a handful showed up. I hope those of you that did, had a great time!


@osde8info - it was a 1pm start, but we did wait until 1:30 before setting off just in case (I did turn up 10 minutes late myself, having gone to Marble Arch rather than Wellington Arch - Doh!)...

Had a good day, with added bonus of a couple of beers at the end ;-)