S 27th Street and Capitol Parkway
Lincoln, Nebraska 68510

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This is the "2nd Saturday" monthly photowalk of Lincoln, Nebraska Flickr users. Individuals from all places are welcome, any time.

Sunken Gardens! Six o'clock, yo! Eat a snack before you come... We'll have dinner when we're done.

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Added by sarah68508 on March 26, 2008



May I know why 6pm??

Can somebody give me a lift?

2323 T Street. My cell: 402-617-2238


We chose later in the evening because when we did this event last year, the Gardens were slammed with 3 weddings during the time we were there. If you've ever been to the Gardens, it's a pretty small place, so the weddings kind of limited our freedom to wander and take photos (plus, you never know how a wedding party will react to a swarm of unknown photographers).

So, we're gambling that going later in the evening will put us after "prime" wedding time.


Not to mention, all the SWEAT. OMG, it was so hot that day!


The heat factor is what kept me away last year, knowing how that bowl holds in the heat and minimizes any breezes getting through. I have no idea if that date works for me at this point but I applaud the move to a later time.


Wow I think I might actually be able to come to this. I have been ill and had surgery but think I will be ok by then...yippeee...I finally get to meet some of you people.


Sorry guys, I think I have to pass this one. My work schedule just changed, and unfortunately I have to work during the day instead of nights (until 10pm)... sigh... wish I could go..


My wife and I are planning to come. We just moved to Lincoln a few weeks ago, and this sounds great! However, we are definitely tentatively coming, as we are expecting our first baby literally any day!