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Every June, in cities around the world, people ride bikes naked to celebrate cycling and the human body. The ride demonstrates the vulnerability of cyclists on the road and is a protest against oil dependency.

Be there, as bare as you dare!

Planning meetings to discuss the ride's organisation and promotion will be held monthly prior to the event, between January and May.

Official Website:

Added by nsayers on March 23, 2006



Do you welcome photographers?


Photographers are welcome, as long as they show respect to the people taking part in the ride – ie: they ask permission before taking close-ups or photos focussing on individuals. We also ask that they provide ride organisers with copies of their photos for documentation and publicity.

Overall though, we'd rather people participate than spectate at the event. It's fun event – don't be the perv snapping photos from behind a bush!


I'm very happy to provide copies *and fortunately am I'm not a perv) Also I'll never take people shots without permission. Brighton has some very talented photographers if you would like me to spread the word?


Where should copies of photos be sent to? Is there an e-mail addy to send them to? Also, I think that people partaking in such an event as this will know that people will be taking photos and therefore simply by taking part agree that their photo may be taken.


Something has come up which means I can't join you. I wish you a very successful and memorable event



Check this video on the ITV Local website from June 7th 2008 - you just rode past my house in Kemp Town and now you can be seen all over the world!


here's another link of the event

can anyone see themself?

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Helen Archer

Do you have a route map?


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