Transverse Drive at John F Kennedy Drive
San Francisco, California 94121

40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love, ''A Gathering of the Tribes''

Musicians from across the country will be joining San Francisco at ground zero, where it all began, celebrating ""Summer of Love 40th" Anniversary."

CONFIRMED ACTS (as of 5/23/07) INCLUDE: Ray Manzarek (the Doors), Country Joe McDonald (Country Joe and the Fish), Canned Heat, Michael McClure (Beat poet), New Riders of the Purple Sage, Nick Gravenites, David Laflamme (It's a Beautiful Day), Alameda All Stars (Gregg Allman), Merl Saunders, Terry Haggarty (Sons of Champlin), Dan Hicks, The Charlatans, Essra Mohawk (Mothers of Invention), Barry Melton, Jim Post (Friends and Lovers, Siegel-Schwall Blues Band), Paul "Lobster" Wells , Chief Sunny Ray, Fishbone, Iroquois Tribe, Dakota Tribe, Seminole Tribe, Emit Powell and the Gospel Elites. Additional acts are still confirming.

Representatives from hundreds of groups are joining the event in support of the principals of peace, love, and understanding.

These include:

The American Indigenous Peoples
The Seminole Tribe
The Iroquois Tribe
Indigenous People of South America
Speakers from the peace movement
Speakers from the Free speech movement
Speakers from the Anti-war movement
Poets from the beat generation
Events across the nation and around the world are honoring the "Summer of Love 40th" in support of San Francisco's counter-culture. San Diego, Monterey, Vancouver Canada, England, France, Germany & the Czech Republic are all supporting the principals of the 60's generation, and the birth of the counter-culture.

A webcast of the event will be streamed throughout the day at the Apple Quicktime(TM) website. For more information:

Pop artist icon, Peter Max said, "I am so happy to see a concert is being held in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love. It's important there is a historical legacy to the message this time period represents. We need to always celebrate the universal values of compassion, peace and love."

Official Website:

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wow! This is going to be amazing!


Share the peace, share the love!
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Formula For World Peace:

Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace.

"It is a matter of the greatest present-time urgency that the prevailing global mood of political separatism, end-game competitiveness, and endlessly multiplied divisiveness be immediately and thoroughly and universally and permanently relinquished — such that the entire world-population of humankind becomes universally intelligent with the heart-positive mind of cooperation and tolerance."

This is the first paragraph of one of many essays in a book, by The Great Sage and World Friend, Adi Da, titled Not-Two Is Peace, The Ordinary People's Way of Global Cooperative Order, also available to read, in its entirety on This is an extraordinary book of wisdom and hope for humanity ~ and ALL beings.

Have heart! Enjoy! Take EFFECTIVE action!

See you at Speedway Park.

This online book begins with the following


1. Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace.

2. All of humankind must "lose face" together — in order to require cooperation and tolerance of each other.

3. The people are now the direct and specific targets of all wars. Therefore, armed conflict must no longer be engaged as a means for dealing with world issues.

4. No nation or culture has the right to enact — or even to plan — mass destruction, for any reason whatsoever.

5. The "Humble Unity" of all of humankind (as "everybody-all-at-once") is the power that must dissent from all efforts to achieve world domination.

6. The right ordering of human society can only occur on the basis of freedom from any "ruling ideology" — whether that ideology is religious or secular in nature.

7. The universal human rights are unlimited physical participation in the opportunities of human life and unlimited physical protection from harm.

8. The real (even genetic) situation of the human species is prior unity. Peace requires that prior unity be the working-presumption of humankind.

9. The working-presumption of prior unity must become the basis of a global body of universal participation — or Global Cooperative Forum — that exists to represent and address the urgent global issues that everyone has in common.

10. In that Global Cooperative Forum, all "name-tags" and "slogans" and "flags" must be "left at the door". Every participant would represent all of humankind as a totality.

11. Ultimately, the habit of presuming to be a separate "self" (confronting a "world-out-there") is to be outgrown in the Enlightened understanding of Reality as inherently One, Non-separate, and Indivisible.

12. Perfect Peace Is the tacit, direct, and Intrinsically Self-Evident Self-Realization of the inherently egoless, and Perfectly Indivisible, and Self-Evidently Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself — Which Is Utterly Beyond all mere ideas, and all presumptions of "separate self", and all presumptions of separate "world-out-there", and all presumptions of separate" God".


What a blast this is gonna be.


Looks like a must see event for me!


had a little pet emergency this am, and can't make it, but may be able to watch the streaming video if it is running (slow dsl though)

anybody watching the stream?


Does anyone know the exact link for the streaming video? I can't find it.


I was at the 20th anniversary.

Unfortunately, I'll be missing this one.


I figured it out,

To watch the streaming video, make sure you have Quicktime,

then go here:

select "watch trailer" to the right of the LIVE STREAM

Ben Fong Torres and Scoop Nisker now, and coming up next NRPS!!