135 12th St.
Oakland, California

Born in london in the mid-sixties and citing his mum's far out record collection as a major early influence, Jenö has always had a magical relationship with music. A relationship that has been strengthened by his unconventional upbringing, his five chaotic years as a punk musician and then his head first fall into the warehouse scene of the mid-eighties. It was here that he begged and borrowed his first records and turntables, developing a passionate love for dance music that led to many memorable gigs (including his own heady "Whoosh" parties) and spontaneous adventures, often with his old mates from the now infamous "Tonka Sound System".

After heading to San Francisco in the early 90's in search of a more psychedelic groove, he and several friends began the now legendary "Full Moon" parties. The friendly vibe and hedonistic atmosphere found at these free outdoor events attracted a large and diverse crowd of people, and set the tone for the future of the electronic dance music scene in Northern California.

Inspired by the 60's drenched, jazz laden, funk driven and disco'd out sounds of San Francisco's past, Jeno along with the other "Wicked" dj's has helped define an eclectic and soulful musical style that was the original sound of San Francisco.

He has now become one of most loved and sought after dj's in the United States. His unique sound and superb mixing skills have gained him a following all over North America and parts of Europe. He has played at the "Rex Club" in Paris, the legendary "Twilo" in New York, clubs in Mdrid, Prague, London, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles, and in most major cities in the USA. He has played alongside many of his favourite dj's including Louie Vega, Tony Humphries, Roger Sanchez, Stacy Pullen, DJ Pierre, Francois Kevorkian, Harvey, Kenny Hawkes and Chez Damier.

Jenö has released numerous mix tapes and CD's including a mix for probably the most prestigious of all the house music CD sets in the US, the "United DJ's of America" series by DMC and Moonshine, and has begun working in the studio on his own music.

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/deltafunkproductions

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