111 Front Street, Suite 218
Brooklyn, New York 11201

An exhibition presenting a visual analysis of the effect immigration, migration and gentrification has had on New York's most populous borough.

By visually translating the effect that immigration, migration,miscegenation and gentrification are having on the cultural, social and economic make-up of "the planet of Brooklyn," the artists of 3rd Wave provide a visual entrée into a world where cultures intersect across national, racial and social boundaries and form a unique and vibrant community.

Featuring the works of:

Scott Andresen
Laylah Amatullah Barrayn
Betty Alexandra Bastidas
Steven Bornholtz
Martin Brecht
Delphine Fawandu-Buford
Samantha Casolari
Linn Edwards
Cacy Forgenie
Lucy Fradkin
G Grippo
Akintola Hanif
Jayson Keeling
Nsenga Knight
Youme Landowne
Erica McDonald
Ocean Morrisett
Lori Nelson
David Pham
Joan B Reutershan
Misty Rice
Tom Russotti
Hidemi Sato
Rachel Wells

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