Mekelweg 5, 2628 CC, Building 20
Delft, Zuid-Holland

Preliminary program

Day 1 – December 12, 2007

07.30 -- Registration
09.15 -- Opening session – chair

Keynote speech I
Rob van Essen, Vice President Strategic Research and Development, TeleAtlas Maps Get Real, Digital Maps evolving from mathematical line graphs to virtual reality models

10.30 -- coffee break
11.00 -- Presentation & Discussion session 1 - chair

Requirements and Applications I

Navigable Space in 3D City Models for Pedestrians
Aidan Slingsby and Jonathan Raper – City University London

Towards 3D Spatial Data Infrastructures (3D-SDI) based on Open Standards – experiences, results and future issues
Jens Basanow, Pascal Neis, Steffen Neubauer, Arne Schilling and Alexander Zipf – University of Applied Sciences FH Mainz

Re-using laser scanner data in applications on 3D topography
Sander Oude Elberink – ITC Enschede

12.30 -- lunch break

13.30 -- Working Groups session 1
15.00 -- coffee break
15.30 -- Presentation & Discussion session 2 – chair

Modelling I

First implementation results and open issues on the Poincaré-TEN data structure
Friso Penninga and Peter van Oosterom – Delft University of Technology

Drainage reality in terrains with higher-order Delaunay triangulations
Ahmad Biniaz and Gholamhossein Dastghaibyfard – Shiraz University

Surface Reconstruction from Contour Lines by Least Squared-error Approximation using Tensor-Product Cubic B-splines
Shyamalee Mukherji – Indian Institute of Technology

17.00 -- end

17.15 -- departure to city hall
17.30 -- reception event in Delft city hall

Day 2 – December 13, 2007

09.00 -- Presentation & Discussion session 3 - chair


Using 3D Laserscanners and Image Recognition for Volume-based Single-Tree-Delineation and –Parametrization for 3D-GIS-Applications
Jürgen Rossmann and Arno Bücken – RWTH Aachen

Automatic building modeling from terrestrial laser scanning
Shi Pu – ITC Enschede

3D City Modelling from LIDAR data
Rebecca Tse, Christopher Gold and Dave Kidner – University of Glamorgan

10.30 -- coffee break
11.00 -- Working Groups session 2

12.30 -- lunch break

13.30 -- Presentation & Discussion session 4 - chair


Techniques for Generalizing Building Geometry of Complex Virtual 3D City Models
Tassilo Glander and Jürgen Döllner – University of Potsdam

Automatic Generation of Residential Areas using Geo-Demographics
Paul Richmond and Daniela Romano – University of Sheffield

Additional presentation:
Using 3D Open Web Services for a better collaborative response to disaster management
Alain Lapierre, Paul Cote and Stéphane Côté – Bentley Systems

15.00 -- coffee break
15.30 -- Presentation & Discussion session 5 - chair

Modelling II

Modeling and Managing Topology in 3D Geoinformation Systems
Adreas Thomsen , Martin Breunig, Edgar Butwilowski and Björn Broscheit – University of Osnabrück

Mathematically provable correct implementation of integrated 2D and 3D representations
Rodney Thompson and Peter van Oosterom – Delft University of Technology

3D Solids and Their Management in DBMS
Chen Tet Khuan and Alias Abdul-Rahman – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Implementation alternatives for a 3D Integrated Model
Ludvig Emgard and Sisi Zlatanova – Delft University of Technology

17.30 -- end

18.30 -- Conference dinner at country estate 'Te Werve', Rijswijk

Day 3 – December 14, 2007

09.30 -- Presentation & Discussion session 6 - chair

Requirements & Applications II

Using Raster DTM for Dike Modelling
Tobias Krüger and Gotthard Meinel – Leibniz Institut für ökologische Raumentwicklung

Development of a Web Geological Feature Server (WGFS) for sharing and querying of 3D objects
Jacynthe Pouliot, Thierry Badard, Etienne Desgagné, Karine Bédard and Vincent Thomas– Laval University

10.30 -- coffee break

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