830 S Broadway
Los Angeles, California 90014

Spend some time celebrating and catching up with Andy, Gordon, and Leonard before they shove outta Los Angeles. Feel free to bring SO's and friends, but we're trying to keep it basically to people we know and want to kick it w/ before we go.

We're gonna be upstairs to start out with. This place is pretty swanky. Be sure to arrive early before our tab gets tapped out. :)

* All guests must be 21yo w/ ID. (well, it's a bar, so that makes sense)
* There is parking just north of the bar @ 826 S. Broadway
* This is right north of the Orpheum

Possible post-bar dispersion to:
* Cannibal Flower @ Infusion Gallery
* The Pinewood Derby @ Hangar 1018

Added by lhl on October 18, 2005



Hey, if you're not a member, be sure to join Upcoming.org to check out who's going and all that jazz (hmm... move better invites up on the todo list :)


Well, it looks like I have a spare ticket for the Okkervil River show playing at the Echo that I won't make it to. Any takers (I missed the Four Tet @ The Echo when we announced the acq as well. Strange timing...)


I'm a tenative "Yes" - we gotta show love to our Upcoming Brothers!

Andys Daddy

Andy, I am your father.


Notice: Eddie is definitely not my father.


ha. i was all set to go to that okkervil river show until this came up. guess i'll see you either way.

Andys Daddy

how swanky is this place? I didn't know computer people frequent swanky places...


i'll be there around 11:00 or so. have fun!


Congratulations again guys! I had a great time.



This was really fun. Thank you everyone for coming and making it a great sendoff!