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Saturday, March 1st, 2008

[ K O N T R O L ]

minimal techno + avant-house
every 1st Saturday @ The Endup

featuring from New York City:

DEREK PLASLAIKO ( Spectral Sound . The Bunker )

Derek Plaslaiko doesn't make records, but he sure as hell
knows how to play 'em. One of a select few to have made
a name for himself based on DJ skills alone, Derek's
dedication and immense musical knowledge, coupled with his
anything-goes attitude make every set a memorable dance
floor experience. Once a prominent figure on the Detroit
party scene, he relocated to NYC a few years back and was
soon crowned "Best Techno DJ" by the Village Voice. We
simply call him "The Man", and are excited to welcome him
back for an extended encore performance.

and San Francisco's own:

CLAUDE VONSTROKE ( Mothership . Dirtybird )

The last time our friend Barclay Crenshaw played for us,
just a couple short years ago in August '05, it was one of
the first times his pseudonym Claude VonStroke had
appeared in print on a flyer. My how times change! Now a
bona fide international superstar synonymous with the new
sound of SF, the inimitable 'Stroker returns to [KONTROL]
to lay down a specially crafted techno set you won't hear
anywhere else.

with [KONTROL] residents:

CRAIG KUNA ( Platform . ESDJCO )
ALLAND BYALLO ( Leibe*Detail . Nightlight Music )
NIKOLA BAYTALA ( Robsoul . S.W.A.T. )
SAMMY D ( Dirtybird . Utensil )


401 6th St @ Harrison, SF
10pm - 6am / 21+ / $15

FREE until 11pm!


Full bios, pics and FREE music:

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Some people filter through the record bins, taking what are on the wall or record store employee suggestions. Then there are people who dig deeper into the dusty crates, and absorb music like a sponge; ignoring labels, bucking trends, forever on a quest to find the perfect record. The ones that make the staunchest of chin-stroking, note-taking trainspotters lose their shit on the dancefloor, hanging on every record from one to the next.

Derek Plaslaiko unquestionably falls into the latter category. As a teen equally transfixed by Mojo and Wizard cassettes and Minor Threat 7"s, Plaslaiko followed the beats from his hometown 20 miles south of Detroit to the epicenter of Detroit techno, then enjoying its third wave of success. He quietly paid his dues on Detroit's rave circuit, and was a crucial piece of the puzzle for the legendary Poorboy and Syst3m parties of the mid-nineties. He quickly earned a reputation for forward thinking DJ sets that were clinical, sophisticated and extremely sensual. This combination resulted in a residency for Family, the weekly party at Detroit's legendary Motor. With a reputation for high energy sets that were versatile and tasteful, Plaslaiko slowly became in demand on the Midwestern club circuit; sharing the stage with such techno luminares as John Acquaviva, Kevin Saunderson, Richardo Villalobos, Baby Ford, and Matthew Herbert. It was also during that time Plaslaiko was asked by Carl Craig to perform at the inaugural edition of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival.

In 2003, Plaslaiko became part of the original team of DJs at Detroit's Untitled parties, sharing a residency with Tadd Mullinix (aka James T. Cotton), Matthew Dear and Mike Servito. In 2004 he made the decision to head east and set up camp in New York City, determined to bring a slice of the Motor City to the Big Apple. Currently, Derek is one of the resident DJs at the Bunker (Subtonic) in NYC, as well as an integral part of the Wolf + Lamb monthly parties. More recently, he was honored in the Village Voice 2006's "Best Of" poll as New York's Best Techno DJ.

The last time Derek played for [KONTROL] in February '07, he so thouroughly impressed both the crowd and our resident DJs that we have been drooling over the day we would have him back, and we're happy to report that day has come. This time Derek comes to us as part of the "Death Is Nothing To Fear" Spectral Residencies, on his first major US tour.

---> LINKS:

Derek's Website: (w/ lots of free sets for download)

Derek on MySpace:

---> AUDIO:

Live @ The Bunker, 2008 (Spectral Tour Kickoff - 5 hour set!)

Live @ Yura Yura, Philadelphia, 2006 (2 hours - 111MB)

---> VIDEO:

Live @ The Bunker, 2007 (Detroit Takeover night)

Derek @ Mutek Igloofest 2008



"I would like to come over…what are you having for dinner?" asks the creepy character in Claude VonStroke's first hit record, "Deep Throat." After selling through 10 pressings in 2005, "Deep Throat" quickly put VonStroke on the map as an up and coming artist. The success of the single was followed up by "Who's Afraid of Detroit?," another international hit championed by Richie Hawtin who called it the "Best Track of 2006" in DJ magazine. Soon after he released his full length debut album, "Beware of the Bird" to excellent reviews, further establishing him as an original talent in the world of underground dance music. Since then, Claude has done remixes for a very diverse group of top artists ranging all the way from indie-rock band The Rapture, to electro legends Newcleus, to minimalists like Matt Tolfrey and Jeff Samuel.

Claude VonStroke is better known to locals as Barclay Crenshaw, the owner of San Francisco's quirky tech-funk label, dirtybird. The label consists of Crenshaw (VonStroke,) friends and fellow producers Justin Martin, Christian Martin, and Worthy, and a diverse assortment of top remixers from around the globe including John Tejada, Audion, Diplo, 3 Channels, Dj Assault, and Kevin Saunderson.

The idea for dirtybird began in 2003 when Crenshaw was producing an intense 5 hour DVD about electronic music called, "Intellect." The project was a labor of love, taking almost 2 years to complete and starring over 35 top producers and legendary DJs such as Derrick May, Swayzak, Derrick Carter, Deep Dish, Magda, Theo Parish, and many more. The main goal of the "Intellect" project was to make an informative DVD that could help DJs advance their careers in electronic music. The result was Crenshaw himself starting dirtybird records and a production career under the alias Claude VonStroke.

Since 2005, dirtybird has managed to solidify a reputation for releasing oddball classic techno and house tracks, and in the process has become one of the hottest labels on the planet. The outdoor dirtybird parties in San Francisco's scenic Golden Gate Park have also become a legendary summer destination point for both locals and international travelers.

In addition to production and label management, Claude VonStroke has an intense regimen for preparation and a great ear for song selection. His DJ sets are always inspiring and surprising. You will never hear a set of monotonous music because Claude always takes time to find the special cuts that make for a completely original experience that is not to be missed.

In 2008, Claude is hard at work on his second album, in addition to fostering his latest project, Mothership Records. Mothership was started in 2007 as VonStroke's outlet for deep and experimental techno. The first record on Mothership became a summer classic and sold 7,000 vinyl records and sat at #1 on the Beatport minimal techno chart for 8 weeks. Proceeds from the label go towards children's music education in Claude's hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

Claude's special set for [KONTROL] will feature a deeper, darker techno side of this fun-loving bear-shaped man!

---> LINKS:

Claude's Websites:

Claude's Discography:

Claude on MySpace:

---> AUDIO:

Claude VonStroke - At The Controls CD2 (320kbs)
***(NOTE: this whole CD, which shows off Claude's deeper, more
techno-oriented side, is made available in high quality and
FREE, as the company originally releasing it is now defunct!)

Claude VonStroke - Mixmag Cover CD (320kbs)

Claude's tracks on Beatport.com:

---> VIDEO:

Official "Who's Afraid of Detroit?" video:

Official "Deep Throat" video:

Claude VonStroke - Live @ DEMF 2007

Official Website: http://www.kontrolsf.com

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