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This training on harassment investigations in the workplace will cover practical steps to conduct effective and legally compliant investigations into harassment, discrimination, or other misconduct allegations/ complaints.

Why Should You Attend:

When you receive an allegation of workplace harassment, discrimination, or other misconduct, taking prompt and appropriate action is your legal responsibility. However, understanding your legal responsibilities is only half the battle; most of the mistakes in complaint investigations involve the way the parties are treated, what they think is fair, and how the process is communicated and/or implemented.

This intermediate to advanced workplace harassment investigation training webinar will discuss, and help you develop, best practices when conducting a legally and psychologically effective workplace probe. In three hours, our expert will help you evaluate the scope of your internal investigation, determine how to document the steps you’ve taken along the way, cover psychologically effective interviewing techniques, and show you how to insulate your organization from a subsequent lawsuit. From fact finding to writing reports, this webinar will cover the do's and don'ts of conducting workplace investigations so you can gain the confidence to be an effective investigator.

Learning Objectives:

This training will help participants to:

- Avoid the legal landmines surrounding investigations.
- Develop more effective interviewing skills, particularly around sensitive topics.
- Gain an understanding of the perspectives of the complainant and the accused.
- Compile and analyze physical & documentary evidence.
- Draft your final report and take appropriate action.
- Manage your workplace during and after an investigation.
- Prevent retaliation and future workplace misconduct.

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