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Counterfeiting is viewed as victimless crime & the scope of the problem is highly underestimated. Counterfeiting of products not only causes profit loss but is also fatal for the brand image. In case of pharmaceutical the aftermath of duplication may be even worse resulting in loss of invaluable lives.

There is lack of collaborative effort to combat counterfeiting. Joint effort from Pharmaceutical companies should be initiated to stop the problem where it started & prevent it from happening in future.

2nd Annual Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting Summit is exactly focusing on providing a handy means of doing so to win over battle on counterfeiter along with opportunity to initiate Joint effects to combat menace.

Counterfeiting is a lose-lose situation for consumers, the government & legitimate manufacturers. 2nd Annual Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting will give you varying perspectives and concrete take away strategies to convert it in Win-Win situation.

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