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This 60 minute online training will explain in detail the requirements of OSHA’s hazardous energy control standards, 29CFR 1910.147.

Why Should You Attend:

In FY 2012, the standard for which OSHA issued the third highest penalties for non-compliance violations was 1910.147 hazardous energy control (Lockout/Tagout). This webinar on 29 CFR 1910.147 standards will help attendees intelligently review their company’s LOTO (Lockout/Tagout) program and procedures. It will emphasize the establishment of an energy control program in the workplace, thus protecting the employees and positioning the organization to minimize the possibility of a citation for failure to comply with OSHA’s hazardous energy control standard. This session will provide attendees with an understanding on recognition of possible hazardous energy sources in the workplace and the methods and means necessary for energy isolation and control.

Official Website: http://www.complianceonline.com/ecommerce/control/trainingFocus/~product_id=702712?channel=yahooevent

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