6801 Franklin Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70122

$30 WYES Members in Advance
$35 In Advance
$30 Groups of 6+ & Seniors
$45 At the Door

Official Website: http://wyes.org/events/beer.shtml

Added by Tiffany I on April 9, 2008



Yay! Tiffany's first post!


All right, I'm breaking my "no dealing with tickets" rule again. Send me 30$ via paypal or in person and I'll get you a group discount ticket. Otherwise it's 45$ at the door. If I don't get 6 people, I'll refund your money.

Tiffany I

I'm in! I'll give you $$ in person.

Tiffany I

Okay, people! Why aren't y'all signing up?


I won 2 free tickets WHEEEEEEEE!


I'll go, and will give ya 30 smackers Wednesday at da square...

So, "Drink Herman's Katrina Alcohol" gathering at my place before?


I can cook brauts on the grill to get people in the beer spirit as well...

Susan Bergson

I'm in on the $30 deal but not paying more for a two hour event...


Mike's in! I've got his 30 bucks and the pre-game show is at his house.

Barbara Keezell

Erin's getting us group discount tickets today. Yay!

Tiffany I

I was all gung ho about going, but now Gary and I are going to Gonzales with the kids Saturday. Y'all have fun!