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Nuclear fusion-G band :
vocal : Li ziwei
GT: Li Yan
bass : Wang yu
drummer :Fu canghai
DJ + sampling : Beibei
fusion-G by lead singer Li ziwei , formed in July 2004. Band set up in just a year's time, now has more than 20 songs, all the lyrics works (including music creation, Electronic sampling, and arranger), lead by Li ziwei creation.
Hello everyone, we are fusion-G! We have created a new industry of the absence of any musical style. This is not the history of the style of our own created. This is, of course! We believe that we will dominate the new dawn of the industrial age. You can call us the nuclear industry! Feeling very future of music styles, new electronic technology industry, into a lot of heavy rhythm, dance, electronic voice sampling, voice sampling, background sound, DJ rolled plate elements. Our high-tech theme to express our music. If you like electronic tense, future technology, space alien voices and perfect combination of metal it is we want, I believe this is what you want! If you are a full science fiction mad! Well, we invited the scene! Our vision is nuclear energy can replace gasoline! In 2005 the band created more awareness towards more international ambitions! Fusion-G is searching for a new era of industrial possibility!
Fusion-meaning G : fusion is a physical phenomenon. All of the central atom has a nucleus, the positively charged atomic nucleus, the proton and son from the strong nuclear force under the binding form. If hydrogen isotopes -- such as deuterium and tritium -- the atomic nucleus strong enough to hit together, They will polymerization together to form a heavier, more stable nuclei. Fusion has been pursued by mankind, and mankind's new energy! Is the future of humanity hopes and dreams. G is we gather together our unique symbols!
Band style features : a really new industries, the real significance of the creation of high-tech electronics industry, with a unique lattice. scene in the cold machinery of typhoons, nuclear energy seems to sing with the same characteristics as males. Is the fusion-G style!
Band expression Keywords : the universe, space, and in the future, nuclear energy, high technology, we are into the nuclear! !
Band representative works : "space exploration", "promote" and "Switch", "restricted", "mandatory compression" "108", "Live" and "Back to the Future" and "third possibility" that "we are into the nuclear" "Double nuclear engineering,"
the band set up a few months expeditions in various sizes Beijing rock scene ...
--November 04, "I love rock" band Sound magazine published works "space exploration".
--November 27,04.the band formed just four months, also in Xi'an eight bars first half performances performed with great success.
--05 band in the famous French band Cheinsow supported by the French rock magazine published.
--April 1, 05, 2 invitation Guangzhou SOLO bars performances.
--May 05 by the Taiwan "Click album" Producers and Distributors. Rock Union to the Chinese meaning of the universe "during the riots" contains several singles and elected Collection relies heavily on the program.
--July 18, 05 Chinese Rock Union "during the riots" officially be listed.
--August 6, 05 were invited to Shijiazhuang City Qian Long KTV performances, the fiery scene abnormal.
--September 24, 05 Zippo Hot Tour in the fiery trip in 2005 China tour Beijing Station "co new force" in the performance driven climax of the whole performance.
--October 4, 05 in the sixth MIDI Modern Music Festival. The band formed in 2001 the first annual MIDI Music Festival, performed by the audience and the media's praise.
--December 16, 05 were invited to Shanghai Halley bars performances. Very fiery scene of the performance, the audience was in Shanghai, and the media affirmed.
--April 28, 06, was invited to Beijing unnamed Heights held performances. the band more firmly in underground rock circles status.
--May 3, 06 in the seventh sector MIDI Music Festival, the band formed two years in a row MIDI Music Festival, by the audience in all aspects of public opinion at home.
--May 27, 06, Tencent to be invited to celebrate the music channel Schools columns (Rock columns) on the line Rave Party -- the largest Chinese Rock 20 Anniversary (1986-2006) performances. June 06 was first published in Chinese rock "popular song" published an interview with the band.
--June 10, 06 were invited to respect Yuan Wang Changchun bars for performances.
--July 06 domestic audio rock magazine "Popular Songs" by the band works "limitations"
--July 06 fusion-G VIDEO band of space exploration by the United States MTVChi landing television broadcast.
--October 06 in Beijing large Beer outdoor rock music festival.
--November 06 days reflect a Hong Kong Chinese-language channel. WATV dynamic wow cheerleader Malanxie TV interview, in the Southeast Asian region and television broadcast.
--November 06 to accept the Dutch industrial metals Union interview.
--March 07 American rock radio interviews and broadcast works.
--May 07 Vancouver, Canada rock radio interview and broadcast works.
--August 11, 07 Hong Kong IMNet special.
the band formed two years, receiving several interviews, get all the media and fans the formal recognition and praise. Wondered fusion-G band more information, please log fusion-G band's official
website : WWW.NF - G.COM
Livebar[shanghai]---Home of underground music!
Tel :021-28336764 13918715944
Venue :Kunming lu 721`(near tongbei lu)Yangpu.
email:[email protected]

Bus routes to Live Bar

Metro 4, Dalian Rd station 1 EXIT turn right on kunminglu,go straight 500m left side!
17,19 (Tongbei Rd station),
37 (Jing,an si----Tongbei Rd station)
871,870,145 (Tongbei Rd station)
960,962 (Zhoujiazui Rd station)
842,868,(Dalian Rd station)
22,22电 (Liaoyang Rd station)
25,317,853,79,746,597,325,573 (Changyang Rd station)

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