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China Blog Conference, first such meet for Chinese bloggers, aims to explore the further growth of Chinese blogs, and to provide a forum facilitating deeper exchanges among Chinese bloggers.
The conference, to be held in fall 2005 in Shanghai, is now under tense preparatory work, thanks to a group of enthusiastic volunteers, who take precious time out from their busy personal schedule.
We now call for more such volunteers from Shanghai. Let's make our conference truly ours!

To join us, if you are a Flickr-er+Blogger, please reply at Flickr, or you can write to zhengxiaoyun+bloggercon a-t gmail.com (replace a-t with @ in the address)


专栏: http://www.online-edu.org/index.php?cid=125

男,全名詹膑。曾在数家媒体供职,曾任《缤纷》杂志编辑部主任,Interior Design China杂志执行主编;现任教于北京服装学院商学院,开授课程为传播学、媒介经营、艺术与商业等;同时在北京服装学院服装品牌推广中心从事科研与咨询工作。另从事独立咨询,现为北京红马传媒文化发展有限公司等数家公司顾问。2003年开始blog,关注互联网多年。

男,又名sayonly,中文blogger。自2005年4月开始写作blog,内容以互联网相关内容为主,常形成系列,以分析见长。时有创新,以" 读者听话权"为主题,发起"只说说什么,你说了算!"活动,浏览者可以输入希望阅读的话题,经选题后,邀请熟悉该话题的朋友参与主题讨论,并作收集相应讨论文章形成系列。


社会化书签站点igooi.com创建者,多年IT领域知识及经验,新技术狂热者。兴趣点及主要研究:Tag, folksonomy, Social Bookmark Service, Internet及Web应用。现为某著名软件公司技术主管.

CBC Speakers' English Introduction

Ms. Zhuang Xiuli
She is a practitioner of blog in education, and active learner of Internet, concerning about the leaning and researching of networking learn technology, especially about the rule and strategy of how the adult learner can find what he should learn and how to learn in this networking space full of free choice. Ms. Zhuang is a teacher working in Educational Technology College, Beijing Normal University.
blog: http:/blog.online-edu.org/zxl/
Column: http://www.online-edu.org/index.php?cid=125

Zhan Bin,who had been the senior editor of Colorful magazine and the manager editor of Interior Design China magazine, is a teacher in Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology now. Besides teaching the courses Communication, Media Management, Arts and Business, he is doing the research and consultation work for Fashion Brand Promotion Center of BICT. Now he is the consultant of some Internet companies. ZhanBin began his blog in 2003 and has paid his attention to Internet Industry for several years.
blog: http://blog.zhanbin.com/

Pronounced as ZhiShuo, he started to write blog from April, 2005, whose topics focus on content related to cyberspace in insightful and analytical way. He created a new blog model named as "reader's wills to hear" to allow readers first to input the topic they are interested in, followed by discussion among readers who are familiar with the finally selected topic. Then, he collects those wonderful comments and remarks in the discussion to make series articles.
blog: http://www.sayonly.com/

I had been working at the Xiamen Municipality for more than ten years since my graduation from Peking University in 1989. In 2000, sponsored by the British Chevening Scholarships, I went to study MBA at the School of Management, University of Bath. 2002 saw me quit my job at government and start working for Butler (Shanghai) Inc.
The Podcast Podium, which I set up in 2005, basically is a blog website dedicated to promoting Podcasting and Citizen Journalism in China.
blog: http://www.hopesome.com/

The creator of igooi.com, a social bookmark service, with years IT industry knowledge and experience, new technology enthusiast. Research area: Tag, folksonomy, Social Bookmark Service, Internet and web Application. Currently working in a famous software company.
blog: http://blog.igooi.com/


11月5日,第一天 上午

8:30--9:00 签到
9:10-9:20 开幕词
9:20-10:20 第一场讲演
10:40-11:00 休息,自由交流
11:10-11:50 对话与讨论

第一天 中午

12:00-13:40 午餐(会)

第一天 下午

14:00-15:00 第二场讲演,XiuLi,主题:blog与教育
15:001-15:20 休息,交流
15:20-16:00 对话与讨论:hopesome主持,podcasting主题
16:10-16:40 特色blogger推介

第一天 晚上


11月6日,第二天 上午

9:00-10:00 第三场讲演,SayOnly,主题:blog与媒体
10:00-10:20 休息,交流
10:20-11:00 对话与讨论:Jack主持,tags/folksonomy主题
11:10-11:40 特色blogger推介

12:00-13:40 午餐会

14:00-15:00 第四场讲演,Horse讲演,主题:Web2.0
15:00-15:20 休息,交流
15:20-16:00 特色Blogger推介

16:10-16:30 闭幕词

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