3600 O ST
Lincoln, Nebraska 68510-1668

UPDATE: It will be cold tomorrow (24 degrees est.) and may be snowing while we walk. Please see the links posted in the comments below, to read up on how you can prepare your camera and your body for the cold. (Plan to wear extra layers, have spare batteries in your pocket, etc.)

"2nd Saturday" monthly photowalk of Lincoln, Nebraska Flickr users. Individuals from all Metros are welcome, any time.

Meet in the parking lot off the O Street entrance (36th & O Streets) at 2:00 p.m. We will utilize a self-guided "walking tour" booklet, provided by the cemetery. PLEASE wear comfortable walking shoes! :)

Social Time: Because the time it will take to travel the cemetery on foot remains to be seen, we will anticipate heading to DaVinci's at 44th & O Streets sometime between 4 and 4:30 p.m. Please join us for social time and a snack (or early dinner) at this time.

"WYUKA Cemetery, a nationally recognized historic cemetery, has been a vital living part of Lincoln's history since its founding. With its rolling hills, shady trees, sparkling pond and spectacular plantings, WYUKA Cemetery is considered one of the most magnificent examples of landscape architecture and design in Nebraska. In addition, it is literally a museum without walls featuring statuary art and monumental architecture, historical tributes to Lincoln families, civil war veterans and ordinary citizens." Learn more at wyuka.com.

Official Website: http://flickr.com/groups/lincoln_nebraska/

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Nice choice.


This walk is dripping with potential! I'm excited!

I was wondering if there is any etiquette to cemetery photography that we should be aware of. I turned to my revered and trusted teacher, Google. He said:

On gravestone symbolism:

A PDF on your rights as a photographer in cemeteries:

A Flickr group of cemetery pictures:

A blog about cemeteries:


I think it would be a good idea to talk to Wyuka staff ahead of time and let them know we are coming. They can let us know if they have any guidelines for photography. Apparently some cemeteries regulate this.


One article suggested that from a legal standpoint:

a) A gravestone is a work of art and therefore copywritten

b) A cemetery plot is bought and paid for and therefore technically considered private property

c) photographers taking photos for personal enjoyment or artistic or historical purposes should be fine as long as you do not intend to profit financially from the use of headstone images.


Chris, thanks and I agree. I do speak to staff at our photowalk locations before scheduling them. So for future knowledge, know that you won't see a location posted here until I have verified that we will be welcomed there. :)

There is a "walking tour" booklet that I will be picking up in the next couple weeks, to help us identify the "good spots" in the cemetery ahead of time. It was evident after my telephone conversation that we and our cameras are more than welcome; and that various college groups come through quite frequently.


Awesome! I knew we were in good hands, but I didn't know you talked to folks before posting here. That's the difference between me (average planner) and you (High Priestess of planning and coordinating)!!

I only mentioned it because of one the articles saying some cemeteries do not allow photography. I'm glad to hear Wyuka is so good with it.

Thanks for getting our "poop in a group" Sarah, I'm looking forward to it!


As a matter of fact, a few of the venues of upcoming events have already been contacted. I have made some of the calls myself. Venues will always be notified of our presence if it is warranted. Not to worry. :-) Thanks for the ideas Chris!! Should be a fun time.


Hey, everybody! Carl and I have been to Wyuka to pick up the tour booklets, and learn some neat tidibts about the cemetery from its staff.

The tour is 2.34 miles in distance. I would guess that a person who walked the route and strayed from the roads to get in amongst the grave markers, might walk up to 4 miles.

Please indicate below:
* If you would prefer to walk or drive the tour route;
* If you might like to use your vehicle to drive yourself and several others through the tour route (we would like as many vehicles as possible to remain in the parking lot and out of our shots!);
* If you know someone with a tractor/wagon used for hay rack rides... Hey, a little wishful thinking never hurt any one! :P


Nuts! I have to skip - BIL's 50th birthday and we have to go make fun of him. See you all in March...



Sarah... I went back to the cemetery Sunday to test settings on my camera as I was not satisfied with the results of some of my Tuesday shots. In 90 minutes, alone, I don't think I covered even half of the equivalent of the route. I didn't stop for a copy of the tour but I saw the marked stops and as I said, I probaly didn't get past even half of them both on foot and with the car. It was a sunny day but the wind was cold and in 90 minutes my face was numb and other parts were starting to be as well. Two hours is probably going to be plenty of exposure time for body parts but I would doubt if one makes it though the whole route. Participants may want to scout the cemetery ahead of time to have an idea of what they want to make sure to get to.

Just a suggestion...


Or we can save whatever doesn't get visited for next time?


WOW!! Check out everyone who is either attending, or watching!! And, that's even knowing how cold it's going to be. Speaking of, we were also talking a little about doing a type of car pooling around the route. Maybe, a few vehicles that others could ride in to help with the walking part, and the cold part. Or, maybe a flat bed trailer to kinda jump on and off of to take photos around the route. I have one, and I may bring it with. Any thoughts???


Added note to Karen... We have not ruled out cutting the route length down, and eliminating a few tour points. Would you send me a note with the spots you'd most like to hit up on Saturday? It would greatly aid our decision. Thanks!


Hey everyone...looking foward to saturday even with the cold weather. I was planing on attempting to walk but I have a Olds Bravada and we can fit 6 maybe 7 comfortably, 8-9 if two people squeez in the back hatch and 10-15 if we want to get to know everyone REAL well! haha! I'd be willing to drive if we want to minimize vehicles and if I do, I reccomend someone calls shotgun because the two front seats are heated leather. I claim the drivers seat but there's one left. Look foward to meeting everyone on saturday.



Keith, we have secured a large flat trailer, that everyone can ride on as a group; however, it is not heated. So perhaps you'd be willing to drive your car too, where it could be "musical seats" for those needing to warm up. (Sound okay?)

It is time for everyone to be making the proper preparations for shooting in the cold tomorrow. I have found three articles with seemingly valid information:
Winter photography tips [Adorama]
Winter Photography Advice [About]
Article on Beating the Cold in Nature Photography [NatureScapes]

Read up, and remember to wear LAYERS! Double up your socks, have an extra pair of mittens or gloves in case yours get wet, consider thermal long underwear underneath your regular clothes, and remember a decent hat and scarf!

Snow or no, see you all tomorrow! :)


I'm on call, can't join ya'll. I did want to let you know that FindAGrave.com has a list of all the famous graves in the cemetery. You can view it here. Also, Find A Grave is a great place to add memorials for friends and family and leave virtual flowers for others. You can also sign up to be a photo volunteer there (for when graves aren't buried under snow! lol).


Sarah... As I said, I didn't pick up the route map so I can't identify where the spots are I still want to hit. I not afraid of the snow or the cold but not having sunlight will sure be a bummer. The one shot I know I really want will have to wait for another day.


Hey everyone,
Sorry this is so last minute!! I didn't know if I would be able to go until after Meals on Wheels today. So I will see all of your smiling faces in about 50 mins!! : )

Can't wait to meet ya'll - nichole


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