214 East Sixth Street
Austin, Texas

20x2 is an ongoing project that exists to showcase the creativity that lurks in each of us. Writers, musicians, filmmakers, web geeks and other bon vivants are asked to take two minutes each to answer the question of the day. The results can be as varied as the emotions and reactions they evoke.

Speakers lined up for v.7.0:
mark zupan (murderball)
khoi vinh (new york times / subtraction.com)
michael lopp (apple)
amanda congdon (amandacongdon.com)
miles zuniga (musician, fastball)
evan fleischer (independent film channel)
kacy crowley (musician)
pj raval (unraval pictures)
kevin lawver (lawver.net)
paul lloyd (lloydyweb.com)
darin murphy (musician)
kevin cheng (ok-cancel)
rob maigret (entertnmt. technologist / digisynd.com)
cindy li (cindyli.com)
southpaw jones (musician)
mary hodder (dabble)
ron pippin (shiny object)
betsy aoki (microsoft)
alex beauchamp (girl at play)
glenda bautista (agendacide.com)

Official Website: http://www.20x2.org/



Thanks all: we're planning all sorts of extra special goofiness for this show; but those of you who know it know that the silly factor is near and dear to our collective hearts. can't wait to see everyone! ~


Oh, here's one more thing that I keep meaning to share, and no better place (save perhaps the mailing list) to tell: ever imagine a spot among the twenty? getting one is easy.

We have a standing rule that anyone who submits a question that gets used has the option of taking one of the twenty spots. So if you think you have some good ones, let us hear about em, will ya? Contact info (at) 20x2.org ...danka.


I'm surprised you guys haven't used "WTF?" yet.


Only a matter of time and the appropriate amount of cocktails, good sir. Hope to see you this week!

Jim Callender

Good luck Cindi!

Interested 183